The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me


I sing my heart out
in my lover’s bed, because I’d like to
spend the night
He leaves the room to get us beers and I lay on his side of the bed, staring at my reflection

I pour my heart out
in the moon’s night, because as the
stars, I’d like to shine
I stay up into the next day, cradling
insomnia in my veins, thinking of
coffee at noon, the waves of Lake Michigan roaring in my ears

I tear my heart out
in the middle of the year, because I’m so in love, I’d like to sacrifice
I light a pink candle, say a little prayer
and eat ice cubes for two days while my raw, beating heart bleeds on his doorstep…

written: January 5, 2012
(The first poem I wrote in 2012)

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