The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me



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Do you see me
here, in this chair?
I waste away
every single day,
in my sorrow, drowning
in my tears and wine,
fading away, along
with my hopes and

No love… Mental escapades
with strangers, who are at once
beautiful and ugly, like me…
But they do not kbow me
so how can they like me?

For you,
I’m the dream you dream
on the coldest night
I’m the lone bitch living
off of garbage in Uptown alleys
I’m the person who sleeps
on the bench late into a summer’s night
who is slowly dying of Real thirst
and the merciless humidity
I am when
you find yourself
lost in a gaze…

written: November 14, 2010

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‘Haiku’ Basho

Awaiting snow,
poets in their cups
see lightning flash.

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You are my fire
that poses the threat
that I’m too foolish to take seriously

You see me
giving my lips, body and love
to the flamea

I leave you,
feeling deserted
with burns making me weak
and vulberable at your suggestions
to return….

written: October 5, 2010

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Still Thinking of You

Oh, hello Thursday…

You ask why I
greet the day
and I respond with,
” should I not burn for you
to the sounds of jazz
coming out of that basement
it makes the pavement shimmer,
the grass full of life/ the sky
and the trees dance”

waiting. waiting.
hoping. praying.
to be saved by a chance encounter
with eyes that I adore, a shy
grin and the aura of a field of
fragrant flowers from far away…

sadly, I don’t speak the
cryptic language of the crows
who I believe to be your messengers…
why don’t you speak to me yourself?
even if your English is’nt so good,
I’m more than fluent in the rainbow
language of emotions…

kiss, touch
hug, caress,
do whatever
to get your point
across the bridge
to me and I’ll respond
as soon as the dag pushes

written: October 28, 2010

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‘Resume’ by Dorothy Parker

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns are’nt lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You mught as well live.

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Lady Gray’s Protegee

My young ” lady gray”
with the magazine pictures
scotch-taped to your walls…
I’m sure, that it is you
who does not allow me to
leave home; It is YOU who
forbids me to enjoy life; yes THIS LIFE
that God has given me and I’m
sure that this is my one and only…

My young “lady gray”
you are both beautiful ans miserable
with that voice of sad angels
and your delirious ideals
It is you, who haunts my dreams
and pollutes my little joy with
bits of melancholy

I see that you will age in
sadness, “lady gray”
and that will keep you forever
young; no wrinkles around your
pretty eyes or at the corners of those lips
for you never had a reason to smile

Imy lonely phantom “lady gray”
you are everything and none
my muse, the basis for my poems
the future that I dream of
the woman of no age or personality
that I will grow to be…

written: December 13, 2010

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‘Niki’ by Lawrence Durrell

Love on a leave-of-abscence came,
Unmoored the silence like a badge,
Set free to float on lagging webs
The swan-black wise unhindered night.

(Bitter and pathless were the ways
Of sleep to which such beauty led.)

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Slave to Love

I lay here
clothes soaked
in my own tears
my heart
as light
as a feather
I can see now
I have been
by your love…

A loser, for
I have lost
the battle
but still a winner
because I’m even
more closer to you…
an exchange of hearts
between souls
sealing the deal
with not a handshake
but a blood kiss from
one’s lips to the other’s skin

you have become
my all
in such a short time
you are all
that I see, and
think and breathe
You are for me
Give me your love
and I become like
your servant…
your slave even
but no more as I
am a slave to Love

written: February 2, 2011

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(wishing to see him…) by Izumi Shikibu

Wishing to see him
to be seen by him-
if only he
were the mirror
I face each morning.

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