The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Because of Cupid…

I tied the laces around my heart
until blood squirted out
a whole cup full, to the rim

It was a gift, to whom
I’m not sure and I did’nt really care
and I still don’t

As I was about to finish the knot
I began to cry and inevitably,
I began tasting my tears and even
now my fear returns because my tears
were so sweet
Too sweet, they crippled me
I could’nt make it to my front door
without coughing
I could’nt walk down the street
without falling
I could’nt open the mailbox
with my fingers crumbling from

I don’t know where I am now,
all I see is red
I feel the whole in my chest
and even more I feel the pain
that my heart left behind…
Did you ever find me?
Did you ever get my gift?
Did you close my eyes with your
Did you finally kiss me on the lips?
Did you ever know how much I loved you?

written: February 13, 2012


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