The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Yes, I know it’s been awhile since my last WordPress post on anything. It’s mostly because I’ve been overwhelmed by the new year and now that it’s the last day of January 2012, I think that I’m over it.

Today was a ridiculously wonderful day in Chicago. In January… What was that, like 55 degrees? I still wore my coat because I’m still kind of sick, and because it’s Chicago, in January. Walking down Devon avenue gave me a high level of spring fever… It was intoxicating.

I did’nt check out any books from the library because I’m still reading a lot of books already, but I did check out 3 DVDs: “Shall We Kiss?”, a French film from 2010. The only name I recognized was Virginie Ledoyen. The other two were “Diabolique”, which is also from France from 1954 and the last (but definitely not least) is Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” which is one of my all-time favorite movies. Nola Darling is a person that I’d like to be one day…

Oh, and did’nt Sharon Stone play in an English version of “Diabolique” in the 80s or 90s? If so, I may have seen it a long time ago…


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Five Questions on A Saturday (8)

Q: Do you get on well with your relatives?
A: Besides my mom, brothers and new baby sister, I’ve exiled myself from my other relatives, so, no.

Q: Do you like running?
A: Yeah. Summer nights, fall evenings and winter afternoons.

Q: What is meant by the phrase ‘running on empty’?
A: Chasing pipe dreams?

Q: Do you feel like a machine?
A: I am a machine, so, yes.

Q: Describe my face.
A: You don’t have one.

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when I’m alone
I’m usually lonely
and it’s at these times
I start to turn crazy
like a fruit on a counter
for too long is dead
and begins to rot…

it can come as a
fly lingering around me
or a kiss on my bare shoulder
from an invisible demon
tempting me…
doing so so sweetly
that I don’t wanna’ say no

so this escapade
among us four goes on:
the fly, the wind, the
demon and I – the victim?
who knows? maybe I’m
the leader in this silly game…

Me against my self
I’m the murderer
I’m the tempter as I’m
the one giving in
I’m the male to my female
I’m the key to my dreams
I’m the reason for my
own sadness and fear

I repeat
when I’m alone
I’m usually lonely
the other comes to
being the other
that is me
I slip gracefully
into an uncommon
temporary madness…

written: August 6, 2010

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