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One of my favorite poets (and also one of my favorite French poets) is Charles Baudelaire. I discovered him when I started to really acknowledge myself as a poet and what being a poet meant to me, at the age of sixteen. I’ve read and re-read ‘The Flowers of Evil’ so many times and plan to continue to do so until my eyes (or brain or heart…) give out and that just means I’ve been reading the man’s poems over and over and OVER again (in both English and French) and though I never get tired of it because Baudelaire inspires me in so many ways, ‘Be Drunk’ is like my Lord’s prayer, but re-reading him in the way that I have is obvious repetition, and I’ve got enough of that in my life. I strongly associate repetition with making zero progress and that’s not goode write? 🙂 How would there be a future without progress?

Back to my main point, Baudelaire and poems…well, I came across a book of his prose poems and ‘La Fanfarlo’, which is somewhat of a short story or a very long, drawn out prose poem…My God, am I excited! See, the thing with poets is this: you only get to peek into their lives with poetry, IF your lucky enough to understand it. Novels and short stories by poets help you to get just a little bit more closer to that creative mind of the poet that you favor as I look forward to doing so with Monsieur Baudelaire with the World’s Classics edition of “The Prose Poems and La Fanfarlo” by Charles Baudelaire, with new translation by Rosemary Lloyd…

written: June 23,2010


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