The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

from ‘Splay Anthem’ written by Nathaniel Mackey

He and she sat stacked row on
row, politics twisting their
lips, an extended whistle,
warble where they thought
to embark…
As in Wrack Tavern they read
by ledge light, titled back on their
barstools, teetering, barely made
out what they saw…Talked muse,
told who he
called the muse redresses, decks
her in alternate cloth, draping her
cut just below ass-crack,ass
absconditus, broadcast


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Sweet Love

Oh sweet Love…

not too sweet
’cause you’ve torn
my world apart
you’ve ate my soul
and bit into my heart
should’ve known from the start

Oh sweet Love…

not too sweet
’cause I’m love spent
my emotions sunk like
the grand Titanic
and I cannot be rescued
by anyone
but you…
I’m such a fool…

Oh Sweet Love…

not too sweet
’cause I don’t think
that I need you anymore
but do want you
for as long as space goes
my feelings for you
in a giant balled-up web
that you bounce and bounce…
on the court…until I have no air…

Oh Sweet Love…

not too sweet
’cause I don’t care
if you don’t care….

written May 10, 2010
(qs,complaints,comments and suggestions r more than welcomed #;-)

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The Return

I can’t believe
how close we are
but still so far away
I’m stalking you

Obsessed, I know I am
Ignorance, was never my
problem to give you a tidbit
of information

I’m sure that you’re
oblivious to my shallow
existence and great, but,
unrealistic expectations

Yes, it’s returned
after months of wandering
around the city sans moi
so with absolutely no voice

It wanted me back
so it gave me these feelings,
these eerie dreams and
surrealistic premonitions…

I’ve never had a voice,
but I gained a little whisper
and I thought it the world
Self-centered bitch, am I

My little adventure failed
and I crawled back home
sneaking through the window;
the stain-glassed one with the
broken cross

Lord, have mercy
I’ve more than sinned
I thought that I could
be a success leaving behind
what made me, ME

Change the color of my eyes
why don’t you
Cut off my fucking legs, it’d
still be useless
I could gain or lose 100 lbs. and
still not know where I’m going

that’s why

written March 10, 2010
(q’s,complaints,comments,suggestions r more than welcome)

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