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Five Questions on A Saturday (12)

Q: What distinguishes poetry from ordinary speech?
A: Poetry is a secret language used and understood by one’s mind, heart and/or soul.

Q: What is night?
A: I’ve answered this already.

Q: What happened at night?
A: We died for a short time.

Q: Who is to blame for the tragedy of Macbeth?
A: I don’t know. I have’nt read Macbeth yet…

Q: What does a Serbian tank look like?
A: What is a Serbian tank?


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Five Questions on A Saturday (11)

Q: Do you have a good memory or good memory?
A: I have a good memory.

Q: Do you remember small details?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you remember the sound of people’s voices?
A: Yeah, after the age of 13.

Q: Do you believe in the system of justice?
A: What system of justice?

Q: How would you explain the idea of love to a child?
A: One of God’s wonderful creations that humankind has’nt corrupted yet…

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