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Just in case anyone was wondering…

… if I had any resolutions for the year 2012, I do and here they are…

I. I want to learn Ameharic and Portuguese like I know French.
II. I want to lose five pounds.
III. I want to take a vacation/trip for at least three days within the United States.
IV. I want to try pink moscato.
V. I want to go to at least ONE concert.
VI. I want to write more stories.
VII. I want to write poems as often as I used to.
VIII. I want to try absinthe.
IX. I want to learn how to bellydance.
X. And last, but certainly not least (though it might be a wee bit far-fetched…but not IMPOSSIBLE!), I want to spend a week in Paris, France.

(written: December 30, 2011)


2 Responses

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    How many of these have you managed?

    • emmjaepenniman says:

      3 and a half… I tried pink moscato (hated it), I tried the absinthe ( it was just as goode as I expected) and I went to a Mika concert. I know I lost 5 pounds because I did a lot of bike riding on hot, humid days… but I’m sure I gained those 5 pounds back… thanx for reading:-)

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