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Mid- Week Update

I’m laying on my bed,listening to 311’s ‘All Mixed Up’, their music puts me in a very cool, summer-y mood… I can’t wait until Spring…


I watched OSS 117 Cairo, Nest of Spies. If there were five stars, I’d give it three and a half or four… To sum it up, it’s a French version of Austin Powers… It was funny and stylish and for me, another French lesson…


I finally payed my late fees at
Evanston library, so, yeah, patting myself on the back right now…

Last week, I attempted to make a quiche Lorraine with a recipe I came across months ago… And it was a success… I’m still in shock at how goode it was. I can’t wait to make it again.

I hope everyone’s having and will continue to have a goode week…


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See how special I am?
See how heads turn?
Ever since I’ve made myself unknown…
Yes, I’m fucking famous!
Everyone wants to be me!
But me…

The birds will sing
I’ll still listen to my mp3s
The tree branches will wave
I’ll still go down the street with my eyes to the pave-ment
The cars will blow out their horns!
I’ll still dance in the streets!
Why? Why, you ask…
Why do this to yourself?

I’m alive
in love

written: October 10, 2010

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Mid- Week Update

Bad blogger. I am.

What’s happened since my last post…?

Well, my total for all of my late fees at the Evanston library comes to $28. And yes, I have been meaning to pay it, it’s just that I either wake up too late or have something just a little more important to do (like laundry), or I show up at the door at 7:30pm on the day that they close at 6pm.


I watched the movie Pitch Perfect and it was’nt too bad, not that I was expecting it to be horrible, it’s just not my type of movie. It’s really enjoyable to watch, especially with all of those old 90s songs. Plus, I DO like Rebel Wilson.


I remember hearing that Manu Chao, one of my favorite singers was involved with a blind singing couple from Mali, Amadou and Mariam. So I rented their CD titled Magic Couple and their music is wonderful and you can’t help but want to dance and try to sing along in broken French. “Je pense a toi” is a very lovely song. I also liked “C’est la vie”. Amadou and Mariam: magic couple, inspiring couple, beautiful couple…


On Monday, I tried a recipe for a tuna melts from Hungry Girl. I made two. They were pretty goode and I note that as a success story in my self-teaching/learning cooking lessons…

After two years, I had to get a new phone. My Blackberry Curve 8350 is no longer in use. On Valentine’s day, it was replaced with a Kyocera Hydro. And I love it.

For those who celebrated, how was your Valentine’s day? Mine’s was short but goode accented with yellow roses and a heart- shaped box of chocolate…

I hope everyone’s having and will continue to have a goode week…

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Five Questions On A Saturday (16)

Q: Why are the railways?
A: For the trains?

Q: Why do we need crickets?
A: I don’t know.

Q: What are trees?
A: One of nature’s prodigies that mankind has’nt fucked up completely with mutation and corruption.

Q: How do things grow?
A: How? By the grace of God.

Q: What is the biggest lake in the world?
A: The lake of fire.


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