The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


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Cliffhanger #1

Time for sleep, turn out the stars in the sky
pull down the curtains over the pale blue moon
stop the rushing waves of the seas
close your eyes, put up your feet,
lay back and dream…
Remember when…

written: September 20, 2012


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A Room

Look into the room, with the blue walls
and you can see that everything is in order…
The windows are shiny and see- through
The wood has been polished, lemon- scented and clear- free of any dust…

Just look at the dirty clothes, segregation rules, but ignore the scorpion sticking out of the rain boot,
looking at you, as you look in my room…

I’ve removed the pictures of those bare celebrities so my soul can sleep in this room, all those paper eyes gone…

The flowers on the window sill are gorgeous, no?
Too bad they’re not real, petals made of cheap cloth, stems made of flammable plastic
Nothing alive can survive this room,
even the bugs that bite me in my
bed, are just marker dots on the wall.
They never move.
I never leave my room.

written: January 5, 2012

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