The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


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Five Questions On A Saturday (9)

Q: Who makes the grass grow and the crops ripen?
A: God.

Q: What are trees?
A: I answered this already.

Q: Where is the name of a thing?
A: ?

Q: Where do our dreams come from?
A: Scenes from our past lives?

Q: Why are people scared of the dark?
A: ‘Cause that’s what they were taught.


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At nine in the morning
I sweat for you
on a tower of books that’s my “to-read” pile
thinking of the only two poets I’ve met
in my life
not this life, but the one before this one where trees grew and never fell
where children laughed and never cried

At two in the afternoon
I am bleeding for you
from behind my ears
where you’ve kissed so many times
during the month of July
when we could’nt have sex
so we fucked instead

At around midnight
while my tea dreams in sugar
my poets are awake, my poems are asleep
I eat a star for you
so that you know I’m devoted
to our union
the star explodes inside of me
but it’ still not you

written: October 10, 2011

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The Spring weather is trying to set in and it’s working well, getting me all excited. I can’t wait to stop wearing my black coat and black beret with a scarf layered around my neck… I can’t wait to just put on a sweater and walk right out of the door…

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day or Anti- Valentine’s Day? For me, it was great, I was in Hyde Park, on the south side and it almost brought me to tears because I had’nt been there since I was sixteen, when the Borders was open, when the Treasure Island was the Hyde Park Co-Op… While I was there I discovered that Bonjour Cafe & Bakery had not closed down but remodeled… That was the first cafe that I started going to and it will always be dear to my heart…

I finished reading Hamlet, my all- time favorite Shakespeare play. Second would be A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I plan on reading Othello ASAP.

I watched “Drive” with Ryan Gosling and it was very good. The character Ryan Gosling played reminded me of Javier Bardem’s character from No Country for Old Men: no past, no present, no future and barely a name but his presence demands your attention and admiration. I also discovered that Carey Mulligan is the cutest girl ever, while also being a wonderful actress. The movie was quick, did’nt drag once and kept you interested. A scene I won’t forget: Ryan Gosling stomping a man’s face apart after kissing Carey Mulligan and as she walked away in obvious fear and amazement.

I went to the library yesterday and decided to get back in touch with my old lover: art and I wanted to learn something new, so I checked out Gustav Klimt: Painter of Women by Susanna Partsch.

Does anyone else have Spring Fever ?
How did you celebrate February 14, 2012?
What’s your favorite Shakespeare play?
Have you seen any good movies lately?
What should I read or watch to learn more of Gustav Klimt?

I hope everyone’s well.
Have a great weekend and don’t get too drunk #;-)
Much love, Emmjae

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Because of Cupid…

I tied the laces around my heart
until blood squirted out
a whole cup full, to the rim

It was a gift, to whom
I’m not sure and I did’nt really care
and I still don’t

As I was about to finish the knot
I began to cry and inevitably,
I began tasting my tears and even
now my fear returns because my tears
were so sweet
Too sweet, they crippled me
I could’nt make it to my front door
without coughing
I could’nt walk down the street
without falling
I could’nt open the mailbox
with my fingers crumbling from

I don’t know where I am now,
all I see is red
I feel the whole in my chest
and even more I feel the pain
that my heart left behind…
Did you ever find me?
Did you ever get my gift?
Did you close my eyes with your
Did you finally kiss me on the lips?
Did you ever know how much I loved you?

written: February 13, 2012

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I sing my heart out
in my lover’s bed, because I’d like to
spend the night
He leaves the room to get us beers and I lay on his side of the bed, staring at my reflection

I pour my heart out
in the moon’s night, because as the
stars, I’d like to shine
I stay up into the next day, cradling
insomnia in my veins, thinking of
coffee at noon, the waves of Lake Michigan roaring in my ears

I tear my heart out
in the middle of the year, because I’m so in love, I’d like to sacrifice
I light a pink candle, say a little prayer
and eat ice cubes for two days while my raw, beating heart bleeds on his doorstep…

written: January 5, 2012
(The first poem I wrote in 2012)

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