The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me


when I’m alone
I’m usually lonely
and it’s at these times
I start to turn crazy
like a fruit on a counter
for too long is dead
and begins to rot…

it can come as a
fly lingering around me
or a kiss on my bare shoulder
from an invisible demon
tempting me…
doing so so sweetly
that I don’t wanna’ say no

so this escapade
among us four goes on:
the fly, the wind, the
demon and I – the victim?
who knows? maybe I’m
the leader in this silly game…

Me against my self
I’m the murderer
I’m the tempter as I’m
the one giving in
I’m the male to my female
I’m the key to my dreams
I’m the reason for my
own sadness and fear

I repeat
when I’m alone
I’m usually lonely
the other comes to
being the other
that is me
I slip gracefully
into an uncommon
temporary madness…

written: August 6, 2010


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