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Mid- Week Update

Bad blogger. I am.

What’s happened since my last post…?

Well, my total for all of my late fees at the Evanston library comes to $28. And yes, I have been meaning to pay it, it’s just that I either wake up too late or have something just a little more important to do (like laundry), or I show up at the door at 7:30pm on the day that they close at 6pm.


I watched the movie Pitch Perfect and it was’nt too bad, not that I was expecting it to be horrible, it’s just not my type of movie. It’s really enjoyable to watch, especially with all of those old 90s songs. Plus, I DO like Rebel Wilson.


I remember hearing that Manu Chao, one of my favorite singers was involved with a blind singing couple from Mali, Amadou and Mariam. So I rented their CD titled Magic Couple and their music is wonderful and you can’t help but want to dance and try to sing along in broken French. “Je pense a toi” is a very lovely song. I also liked “C’est la vie”. Amadou and Mariam: magic couple, inspiring couple, beautiful couple…


On Monday, I tried a recipe for a tuna melts from Hungry Girl. I made two. They were pretty goode and I note that as a success story in my self-teaching/learning cooking lessons…

After two years, I had to get a new phone. My Blackberry Curve 8350 is no longer in use. On Valentine’s day, it was replaced with a Kyocera Hydro. And I love it.

For those who celebrated, how was your Valentine’s day? Mine’s was short but goode accented with yellow roses and a heart- shaped box of chocolate…

I hope everyone’s having and will continue to have a goode week…


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