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Mid -Week Update

Hello all… I’m so glad that we’re almost through with January, because I CAN NOT wait until Spring… I miss riding my bike SOOO much… The poor thing just sits in my room, with all of my dirty clothes laying on it until I go do laundry…



Jane Campion has crept onto my list of favorite directors (with Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Spike Lee and David Lynch). I started with The Piano, which was very poetic and sensual… A few days ago I watched Sweetie from 1989, the year I was born and it was quite frantic and very interesting. Anyone else seen these films? How’d you find them? Any recommendations?


I believe someone cried out “SOMEONE SAVE THE MUSIC!” and I’ve found an artist, well, two artists who I believe can… Denitia Odigie and Sene… Since there’s so much shameless commercialization, I have’nt listen to any new hip-hop/R&B for years but these two have broken my fast… Go to Youtube and/or download their mp3s ASAP if you want to hear something talented and fresh in the genre.


Tuesday was the last day of my Magical Breakfast Cream… It was sure nice to have eggs for breakfast after waking…

What have I been watching like crazy on Youtube? Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl”… It’s so hilarious and clever. Issa your a genius in my book and I love you, keep up the goode work and entertain me…

I hope everyone’s having and will continue to have a goode week…



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