The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

The Stuff of Poetry

The day I realized that I was a poet
it was almost midnight
on the day of the week
when birds read to the trees…

My eyes were always open, it’s just I
started to see in green and FEEL MUSIC on my skin instead of hearing it with my ears..

From then on, I read differently:
no longer for entertainment or
education, but to fall in love…

Food did’nt taste the same or maybe, I began to eat different foods and savor
hand- clasped lovers on the streets at night…

More attracted to books than ever…
I upgraded easily from bookworm to
bibliophile; I just breathe better around books, like how I feel better with alcohol

I began to see poems everywhere… with a squirrel in the park, a lone child on a swing or a hobo on a bench… I realized that there were as many poems as there are grains of sand
on the beach… and so I asked
myself, “Where do all of these poems come from?”

I soon answered myself when I put my pen to the paper and the words fell from the sky…

written: October 19, 2010


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