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Mid- Week Update

Greetings, from my room, where I’m listening to a CD from The Smiths, one of my ABSOLUTE fave bands.

Currently, the weather in Chicago is quite cold, not that I expect anything different… It’s mid- January, and I’m frustrated with all of the Christmas decorations that I’m STILL seeing… People, please, it’s the NEW year for a reason… MOVE ON… Take the SHIT down…

Earlier today, I got a new (to me) sandwich from the bakery in Evanston. It’s called a “Caprese” and it’s meat-less and absolutely DELICIOUS… I highly recommend it, go to Bennison’s Bakery and try it.


This evening, I finished reading Queen of Dreams by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Four stars. What I liked most about it was the topic of dreams and the lovely descriptions of those dreams, as well as the uplifting ending after so much sadness, anger and depression. I’ve also started reading Saul Williams’ poetry. FYI: he’s one of my human pagan gods… I adore him.


A goode movie I’ve watched recently was “Lemming”, a French movie with Andre Dussolier, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Charlotte Rampling. I loved it. It was a mindfuck though, and that’s why I’ll enjoy watching it again.
I also watched part two of “The Lord of The Rings”, which was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to watch part three.


For two days now, I’ve been eating Magical Breakfast Cream, a wonderful recipe from The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook. I have four more days to go. And yes, this a lot easier to complete for me than the leeks…

I hope everyone’s having and will continue to have a goode week.


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