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Mid- Week Update

I woke up way too early today, only because I went to sleep so incredibly late… Last Wednesday, me and my family went to Evanston like we’ve been doing since the fall. We mainly go there to visit the library and to Panera, c’est possible… I got a really yummee carrot cupcake from there by the way… My swollen, painful tonsils are gone thankfully and back to normal… I can’t stress enough how orgasmic it was to enjoy coffee, chocolate and wine again after not being able to for a little over a week…



I finished my copy of French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Giuliano and I’ve only three words to say: ULTIMATE REFERENCE BOOK. And yes, I tried the leek soup diet but I did’nt finish it. I will be trying it again in a few months though. Anyone else try the leek soup diet? How was your experience? How do you feel? After trying the diet, I must say I felt a change and after the book, I do pay more attention to what AND how I eat now. I also have the cookbook which I will trying some recipes from ASAP.


I know I’m late on this but I’ve been watching The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring and it’s so goode… When I’m done with the movies, I’ll move on to the books…


I’ve fallen in love with classical music, especially after discovering I really want to learn to play the piano… Two songs on repeat on my Blackberry are by Erik Satie, Gnossienne No. 1 and Gymnopedie No. 1… I can listen to those songs all day long…


If anyone’s interested in trying a new shampoo, I HIGHLY recommend EverCreme Intense Nourishing from L’Oreal. It smells like vanilla cupcake frosting and makes your hair very soft. And if your looking for an ultra rich conditioner, you must try Triple Nutrition from Garnier, I’m sure you’ll see a difference…

I hope everyone’s having and will continue to have a goode week…

written: January 9, 2013


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