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An Update On My 2012 Resolutions…

Resolution No. 1 was to learn Ethiopian Amharic and Portuguese like I know French. I’ve made a small amount of progress in Amharic, though I still can’t carry on a decent conversation in the language, at least I can say Endemen walch/Endemen walsh. As for Portuguese, I’ve made zero progress but I’m not complaining because that’s what I’ll focus on this year.

Resolution No. 2 was to lose at least 5 pounds. Now due to the hot summer we had in Chicago this past year and to all of those long bike rides, I probably DID lose 5 pounds, but I don’t know for sure. Note to self: Buy a scale.

Resolution No. 3 was to take a vacation/trip for at least 3 days within the United States. Two words: 2012 Fail.

Resolution No. 4 was to try pink moscato. I did. And it was disgusting. NEXT!

Resolution No. 5 was to go to at least ONE concert. I DID. And it was’nt just any concert, I went to see my favorite singer, Mika in October and it was amazing… I screamed, I danced, I sang and I drank but most importantly, after the show, I got his autograph. That was a true, no, THE highlight of 2012 for me.

Resolution No. 6 was to write more stories. I did’nt , but there were a lot of attempts.

Resolution No. 7 was to write poems as often as I used to. I don’t think I did. Maybe I should check.

Resolution No. 8 was to try absinthe. SUCCESS. I DID. And it was exactly how I thought it’d be, especially when you order it in a dim bar. I did’nt see the fairy though. Not yet…

Resolution No. 9 was learn how to bellydance. 2012 Fail.

Resolution No. 10 was to spend a week in Paris, France. I did’nt but I’m still dreaming…

written January 1, 2013


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