The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me


Like an ant on a leaf
my eyes search for you
your true blue personality
that people can’t get enough of…

Your music is violins,
scented as vanilla,
flavored as chocolate
Your touch, weightless, like
a feather
until you dig your shark sharp
nails into my skin

You scream and my hair stands
on end
You hold me and my soul becomes
intoxicated, allowing my heart to
fall to my feet

You step on me repeatedly
and I continue to invite you
into me
I want intimacy with you
as a friend and a lover,
as a parent, as a child
as a guardian, as an enemy

Your book
either with blank pages
or burnt to black ash
no matter, because I can read
and I will savor you, like a
piece of fruit or a glass of
satisfied to feel you inside of me…

written: May 2, 2012


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