The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

The Spring weather is trying to set in and it’s working well, getting me all excited. I can’t wait to stop wearing my black coat and black beret with a scarf layered around my neck… I can’t wait to just put on a sweater and walk right out of the door…

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day or Anti- Valentine’s Day? For me, it was great, I was in Hyde Park, on the south side and it almost brought me to tears because I had’nt been there since I was sixteen, when the Borders was open, when the Treasure Island was the Hyde Park Co-Op… While I was there I discovered that Bonjour Cafe & Bakery had not closed down but remodeled… That was the first cafe that I started going to and it will always be dear to my heart…

I finished reading Hamlet, my all- time favorite Shakespeare play. Second would be A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I plan on reading Othello ASAP.

I watched “Drive” with Ryan Gosling and it was very good. The character Ryan Gosling played reminded me of Javier Bardem’s character from No Country for Old Men: no past, no present, no future and barely a name but his presence demands your attention and admiration. I also discovered that Carey Mulligan is the cutest girl ever, while also being a wonderful actress. The movie was quick, did’nt drag once and kept you interested. A scene I won’t forget: Ryan Gosling stomping a man’s face apart after kissing Carey Mulligan and as she walked away in obvious fear and amazement.

I went to the library yesterday and decided to get back in touch with my old lover: art and I wanted to learn something new, so I checked out Gustav Klimt: Painter of Women by Susanna Partsch.

Does anyone else have Spring Fever ?
How did you celebrate February 14, 2012?
What’s your favorite Shakespeare play?
Have you seen any good movies lately?
What should I read or watch to learn more of Gustav Klimt?

I hope everyone’s well.
Have a great weekend and don’t get too drunk #;-)
Much love, Emmjae


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