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Mid-Week Update (6)

On Saturday, I made my first trip out of Illinois since I was about 2. Surprisingly, it was to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. It was a very long car ride and I was constantly overwhelmed by all of the wide open spaces being from crowded, over- populated Chicago. Our destination was the Premium Outlet mall where I got my boots from Famous Footwear and a cute ski hat from Reebok. I had lunch at ChinaMax at the eatery, just fried rice and Mongolian chicken. I could’nt believe how different the people were there and how small towny they seemed, almost oblivious ,but not in a bad way. Something else that shocked me was to see a Pepperidge Farm outlet store…

The movie “Pareja de Tres” was good. I enjoyed it for the whole menage a trois theme and how mature they were about it. Of course I watched it with English subtitles because anime is the only thing I care to watched dubbed and the Spanish dialect of Spanish is a bit harder for me to understand than the Mexican dialect.

My mother surprised me Monday with a red tin of chocolated covered cherries that she ordered specifically for me and they are soooo goode and the chocolate is of a much better quality than what I’m used to (I’ll try not to overdose on them before Saturday.)

I started reading ‘The Kite Runner’ and it’s brought me very near tears twice and I’m now in the middle of chapter ten. It’s a really good book, I can’t wait to finish and I definitely want to see the movie when I’m done with the book.

I hope everyone is having and will continue to have a good week #;-)


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