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Mid-Week Update (5)

To those who celebrated Thanksgiving, how was it? I hope it went well. I was so full it lasted into the next day, so I only ate fruit. I only drank coffee, tea and water but at five, I started drinking wine.

My Thanksgiving was great. The food was EXCELLENT as my mother is a wonderful cook. We stayed up late just drinking, eating and watching television. Mostly just the “Three’s Company” marathon and a movie about a family in Texas whose patriarch is knocking at death’s door and the family’s arguing about the will and each other. Beverly D’Angelo, Beau Bridges and Tess Harper were the only actors I recognized.

The next day, I went to the library and I picked up “The Kite Runner” which I’ll start reading December 1st for my Goodreads book group. I also checked out two DVDs, “Chocolat” and a film from Spain with Carmen Maura, who I believe has the loveliest brown eyes. I’ll say she’s my favorite Spanish actress mostly because she acted in all those Almodovar films.

I had a dream about giant ivory-yellow colored roses early this morning… I wonder what that could mean, I’m sure nothing negative though. Anyone know about dream interpretation? I don’t know much about it to be honest, so I’ve decided to start reading more into it. I’ll put up a list soon of books I plan to start with.

I hope everyone has been having and will continue to have a great week#:-)


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