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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

for twenty-one years
I’ve been accused of a crime
that I’ve refused to deny…
the crime of Love

oh Love,
that funny little feeling that
floats at the pit of our stomaches
that the world’s geniuses can not explain

some can call it crazy
and I certainly do agree
Love is a crazy, wilde thing

some can call it stupid
and I completely understand
no doubt, it makes no sense
and I believe it never will

for twenty-one years
I’ve been called a criminal
for what I wanted to give of myself
to this world

oh Love
a feeling that stalks me
every day
either between sentences
in a book I’m reading
or faint in the background
of a song I’m listening to
or sometimes
when I’m out walking
I can hear it’s petal footsteps behind me
when the wind blows
I hear it’s androgynous voice
calling my name in a whisper
at my ear
and my dreams-
well, Love is my dreams
my dream
is to be with the one I love

Oh Love
I lay down my weapon
strip off my armor
and reveal myself to you
Oh Love
I surrender.
Take me. I’m yours…

written: August 27, 2010

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