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10 (No, 20!) Trends We Hope Never Come Back

(via Glamour magazine’s October 2011 issue)

1. The spiral perm (never had one, would’nt want to try it either)
2. Teased “mall bangs” (sounds very ’80s, not interested)
3. Two- tone “skunk” (seems like a form of self-tagging)
4. Visible lip liner (I’m so sorry, I was 12 and was trying to look like other girls…)
5. 100% penciled- in brows ( obviously fake/unattractive/garish… )
6. Frosty white lipstick (this probably does’nt even look goode on frosty white people)
7. The dexterity inhabiting, superlong nails that are now having a moment (again, I was 12 and wanted to belong,plus did’nt Coco Chanel call them “vulgar”?)
8. The fish pedicure (fish is to be eaten, that’s it or admired in a tank)
9. Oompa Loompa bronzer (Snookie j’accuse, and everyone else on “Jersey Shore”)
10. Disturbingly fake-color contact lenses (especially when the wearer acts as if it’s their natural eye color)
11. Glow-in-the-dark disco makeup (only if it were the ’70s or if I went to a rave)
12. Faux-hawks (Did I think they were cute? Yes. Do I? )
13. Vajazzling (and alternatively, pejazzling) (never done it, worried about the health risks)
14. Mullets ( just plain trashy)
15. Reverse mullets, a.k.a. the Gosselin (this takes it too far)
16. The half-shaved head ( maybe if I’m around in the year 3000)
17. Trout- lip injections (to lick like a fish-human hybrid ,right?)
18. Tooth tattoos (seriously?)
19. Goth makeup (I think a person goes too far after the black clothes,black liner and black nail polish)
20. Logo manicures (more self-tagging)

(All comments in parentheses, are purely my opinion)


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