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Mid-Week Update (3)

It is actually November. Halloween has come and gone, and the fall season is in it’s last month. Next month, Christmas-mania begins…

Later on, this month, I look forward to stuffing my face with turkey, cornbread stuffing and jellied cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving…


I made it to the third book of Psalms in the Bible, chapter twelve of “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone” and I started reading “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel. I’ve seen the film twice but both times seem like ages ago…

I recently came across a list of ten South Asian writers, that people apparently should be reading and was very disappointed in myself because I had not only never read any of the writers but only one of the names sounded familiar : Jhumpa Lahiri. I’ve decided to start reading one of her books since I’ve neglected to do so for so long. I might as well jump into something new because I honestly find myself reading the same type of books (and the same books,literally) over and over again.

(Top?) Ten Contemporary South Asian Writers
1. Jamil Khan The Wandering Falcon
2. Jahmima Anam A Golden Age, The Good Muslim
3. Amitav Ghosh River of Smoke, Sea of Poppies
4. Daniyal Muelmuddin In Other rooms, other wonders
5. Jhumpa Lahiri The Namesake, Interpreter of Maladies, Unaccustomed Earth
6. Kinan Desai Hullabaloo in The Guava Orchard, The Inheritance of Loss
7.Mohsin Hamid Moth Smoke
8. Amit Chaudhuri The Immortals
9. Anundhati Roy The God of Small Things
10. Vikram Chandra Red Earth and Pouring Rain, Sacred Games


I watched the “Johnny English” sequel and can say it was an okay movie. It’s always nice to see Rowan Atkinson speak because I always him remember as “Mr. Bean” who does’nt talk. I’ve never seen part one but I’d like to now so I’ll order that too from the library. Also, it was nice to see Gillian Anderson who I have’nt seen in years and with a nice head of brown hair…

I hope everyone is having and will continue to have a great week. Eat well, drink because you can always do worse and make sure to read. Until next time… #;-)


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