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Happy Monday…

Hopefully, everyone’s Monday began (or is beginning) happily. I’d like to think that I started this week on a goode note. I went to the library, the Rogers Park Branch on Clark street.

I wore one of my long scarves which did make me sweat because of this warm weather… I was probably overdressed… but, then again, I am still sick (coughing, sore throat, stuffy and runny right nostril)…

I returned items at the library from my little brother’s and my own account. I spent about 35 or 45 minutes in the library looking for things to check out. I found five books and two DVDs:

1)”Psychology The Easy Way” by
Nancy J. Melucci, Ph.D < I'm
ridiculously interested- no,
INFATUATED with the world
of psychology
2)"The Collection of Hearts: New
Tales of The Grotesque" by Joyce
Carol Oates < Joyce Carol Oates
is one of my favorite writers who I
always forget about
3)"Those Who Ride The Night Winds:
Poems" by Nikki Giovanni
4)"For colored girls/ who have
considered suicide when the
rainbow is enuf" by Ntozake
Shange < I read this in 2009. I
really enjoyed it. No, I did not
watch the Tyler Perry film and I
really don't care to
5)"Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse
< I checked this out for my mom,
though it is on my "to-read"
6)"A Midsummer Night's Dream" <
The version with Michelle Pfeiffer.
I've seen this twice before and
love it. This is my favorite
Shakespeare play
7)"The Color Purple" < with Whoopi
Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey and
Danny Glover. I've seen it once
before. The book is also on my
"to-read" booklist

I hope everyone has a great and productive week and if it does'nt turn out that way, you can always drink#;-)


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