The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me


It’s just about seven o’ clock,
but I can sum up the day for you
I will…
Today, should not have happened…
Today, was just another nightmare…
Today, is looking at shiny black broken bits on the floor, after breaking a glass bangle…
destroyed, never to be worn again, but if you can afford it, you can buy another…

It’s just about Spring
can you hear the grass growing?
can’t you see the squirrels playing?
I can hear the grass growing
I can see the squirrels playing, but I’m waiting
Spring, they say, is a type of renewal, or rebirth…
Spring, they say, is Winter’s beauty exposed by May sunlight…
Spring, I’ve heard, is like a hug from Mother Earth…
a tender kiss, a soft caress but yet the trees are still bare…

It’s about the time, to die
leaving this planet, to the sound of Gabriel’s horn if your lucky
Life, was a bit like a personal hell
Life, was just one LOOONG day
Life, never really happened at all
your body returns to dust, your sins no longer hold you hostage, your soul is free…
free to fly, to breathe you into a wonderful new existence, that is, the Afterlife…

written: March 12, 2011


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