The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

A Solution

The pleasures of my pain
is what I see and
what I think I know
how people in love laugh & touch is yellow
how bored people try to make love is gray
away with myself
away with my tears
away with my dreams
I’ll throw my desires
out of a window
like a poorly built paper plane
the people can die
the places can fade
the things can break apart
everything but my heart
is real
real as the heat from the sun in the sky
real as the breeze through the trees in July
real as the new, pretty flowers in Spring
Forgive my heart
for being numb
I have beaten out all of its feelings
to save it, to protect it…
I put a bandage on the world
but left my heart bare and blue
now it beats purple and tickles my ribs
so here’s what I’ll do
I’ll turn it to glass
and throw it at you…

(written: September 2,2010)


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