The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me


The sun boils the sky
making our vision Weaver
I’m sitting here
feeling so terribly uncomfortable
in my own skin
I’d like to peel it off
like one does an orange
starting at my skull. ..

I could only imagine
pulling the flesh off of my face
or forearm
and finally see who-no, WHAT
I really am

just another human being
with blood,searching for love and overflowing with feelings

How sensitive
my heart
one Kiss from my beloved
and it begins to bleed

Love is gone
so now I’ll see myself up
like that girl in ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’
and when I’m done
patchy and poorly sewed up…
I’ll haunt you my love
I’ll kiss you in your sleep,my love
I’ll caress you when your’re ill,my love
I’ll give you wisdom,joy, fear,
my thoughts, my self, my love…

written: July 15,2010


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