The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me


Do you see me
here, in this chair?
I waste away
every single day,
in my sorrow, drowning
in my tears and wine,
fading away, along
with my hopes and

No love… Mental escapades
with strangers, who are at once
beautiful and ugly, like me…
But they do not kbow me
so how can they like me?

For you,
I’m the dream you dream
on the coldest night
I’m the lone bitch living
off of garbage in Uptown alleys
I’m the person who sleeps
on the bench late into a summer’s night
who is slowly dying of Real thirst
and the merciless humidity
I am when
you find yourself
lost in a gaze…

written: November 14, 2010


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