The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Still Thinking of You

Oh, hello Thursday…

You ask why I
greet the day
and I respond with,
” should I not burn for you
to the sounds of jazz
coming out of that basement
it makes the pavement shimmer,
the grass full of life/ the sky
and the trees dance”

waiting. waiting.
hoping. praying.
to be saved by a chance encounter
with eyes that I adore, a shy
grin and the aura of a field of
fragrant flowers from far away…

sadly, I don’t speak the
cryptic language of the crows
who I believe to be your messengers…
why don’t you speak to me yourself?
even if your English is’nt so good,
I’m more than fluent in the rainbow
language of emotions…

kiss, touch
hug, caress,
do whatever
to get your point
across the bridge
to me and I’ll respond
as soon as the dag pushes

written: October 28, 2010


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