The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Lady Gray’s Protegee

My young ” lady gray”
with the magazine pictures
scotch-taped to your walls…
I’m sure, that it is you
who does not allow me to
leave home; It is YOU who
forbids me to enjoy life; yes THIS LIFE
that God has given me and I’m
sure that this is my one and only…

My young “lady gray”
you are both beautiful ans miserable
with that voice of sad angels
and your delirious ideals
It is you, who haunts my dreams
and pollutes my little joy with
bits of melancholy

I see that you will age in
sadness, “lady gray”
and that will keep you forever
young; no wrinkles around your
pretty eyes or at the corners of those lips
for you never had a reason to smile

Imy lonely phantom “lady gray”
you are everything and none
my muse, the basis for my poems
the future that I dream of
the woman of no age or personality
that I will grow to be…

written: December 13, 2010


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