The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

A Conversation between me and my shadow

ME: When will my loneliness be over?
IT: Loneliness? What’s that?
ME: When you feel as if no one else is with you or close to you and that makes you sad…
IT: I’m still lost. Probably, because I’m always with you… And your not alone, I’m ALWAYS with you!
ME: Do you count? I NEVER see you!
IT: You don’t have to!
ME: Are you a he or a she?
IT: What do you mean? Well, does it matter?
ME: Are you even black like me?
IT: What’s that?
ME: What’re you good for, shadow?
IT: To keep your presence company…
ME: Half of the time you scare the hell out of me!
IT: Look, remember this from now on, fuck pinching yourself if you think your’re dreaming or dead, if you feel me or see me, than you’re awake…and you’re not dead…okay?
ME: Did you just curse?

written: June 15, 2010

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