The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


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Untitled IV

Oh, you’ve made me so nervous
that I’ve dropped my cup of tea
now, a wasted empty cup
lays at my feet
sinking into this Uptown pavement

You’ve left a fingerprint behind my ear and a $6 price tag on my coat sleeve
You’ve branded me…
thanks to you, I have a beautiful, priceless scar…

Oh my love, I worship you
You leave a mist in my dreams
and that same mist I taste
when I sleep the next night

written: April 4, 2009 another one of my poems that seems ‘unfinished’ somehow…

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One Response

  1. ahsan says:

    you have branded me with $6 price tag on my coat sleeve ….. boy who will not love you for writing such a brilliant line 🙂 i am officially in love – loved this unfinished business; i wish you never complete it, i don wana die early.

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