The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Tea and Doppelgangers

“I don’t like that one,
there…You see…”

I could’nt see
we were in her apartment
on a Thursday evening
I came over for tea
and a little conversation

“She’s ugly,not too nice
to me…You see?”

Why I followed her
into the bathroom,
I’m not sure
but I still had no clue
who was upsetting her so
much so
that we left our Earl Grey
in the other room, to get

“I’m sorry…but who are
you talking about? There’s
only me and you…”

My ignorance soon faded
to what was there all along-
our doppelgangers,just as alive
as we were
All that time,they had been
sitting right next to us
The only difference was we were obviously in reality with our jeans,jewelry,colored tops and the glow from our skin
they were obviously somewhere else with their ill lash-less eyes,bright-white clothing and dry,pale,pasty skin

“Yes,I can see them now…
but,can they see us?”
“Of course,can’t you hear
what they’re saying?!?!”

I could’nt hear anything
but my own heartbeat
I could’nt even see their
lips moving
As a matter of fact,
they we’re still as statues,

written: June 15, 2010

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