The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


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Greed Revisited

I want the texture of your tongue
I want the taste of your mouth
I want the kissed of your lips
I want the warmth of your body
I want the steps of your feet
I want the touch of your hands
I want you

I want the thoughts of your head
I want the juice of your brain
I want to eat the people that you know
I want to know the messages of your letters and the secrets of your notes
I want the music that you hear
I want the things that you see
I want the the visions of your dreams
I want you

I want to steal the loves of your life
I want to hide the intimate moments that you share with your family
I want to drink the dregs of your morning coffee and afternoon tea
Oh, I want you

I want to read the books that you read
I want to see the beauty and wonder in your eyes when you walk these new Chicago streets
Oh, I want you to want me
with this same intense feeling….

written: November 10-11,2009

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