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A Sorry Tale

the fruit is’nt ripe enough
to be eaten
so you’ll be hungry for longer
the candles have been blown out by the summer breeze
so you’ll have to finish your book in the morning

he could’nt find the correct wine
so you two will just have to go to sleep
instead of staying up to drink into the wee hours of the night
he lost the lighter, so you won’t be
able to smoke; you’ll have to read him your shitty poems

you’ve fucked up, said too much and now your heart belongs to him
you should’ve kept your eyes open when you two kissed, now he knows the truth about you
you sent him too many love notes and now he’ll only use you

they’ve broken the snow globe, so there will be no lovely winter days for you this year
they did not allow the incense to burn all the way through, so only one room
smells like roses: the bedroom
they’ve allowed the children to shatter the mirror, so you can’t watch yourselves as you make love

he did’nt kiss your forehead Wednesday morning, so that evening you missed your train on the el
he did’nt hold you in you sleep,
you had a backache by noon
he did’nt bring you coffee, like
usually, at midnight so you woke up late many hours later

she did’nt reassure him that her body was his to keep,so he called off work that day and read Shakespeare sonnets
she forgot to buy his orange juice, so he was forced to drink the nasty coffee that only tasted good off of her lips

Written: April 5, 2010

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