The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Secret Admirer

when the speakers explode from the crazy high volume
where will I be, but alone
wishing that I could be in your arms

we would leave the cafe at noon
on the last day of earth
we would’ve spent hours there,
sitting at a small table, drinking
cappuccinos and talking about nothing

I used to stay up late, from insomnia
from sadness and fear
Now, I stay up late, from insomnia,
because I simply, can not take my eyes off of you

I daydream, whenever we’re apart,
not of having your children or being your wife
but of more days sharing our love
and finishing each other’s sentences

what joy, if dreams did come true
what joy, if I could live my life with you
oh, what I would’nt do
just to hear you say my name…

Written: April 17,2010

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