The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Farewell to Summer

summer flowers
have died
spring rain is gone
winter is about to come
Autumn kisses the trees
and takes their leaves
when she pulls away
stripping them bare
for winter’s coat of snow

Love met me last September
and I have’nt stopped
stalking it since…
I think of Love with my morning coffee
I think of Love before closing
my eyes and going to sleep
I think of Love on the train, going into or leaving the city
I think of you when I’m walking through a pile of leaves and I pretend that we’re holding hands
under the large trees

summer flowers
will return
when spring’s rain washes away the doom & gloom of the last weeks of February
and my month, September,will
return as well and I’ll think of
the day that me and you walked through the park of my childhood
hand in hand

Written September 29, 2009
while riding the southbound Skokie swift
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