The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


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A Diary Entry

Ice cold water is what I just drank, in an ink-stained tumbler
I’m listening to David Guetta on a borrowed mp3 player from a friend
Actually, I don’t know if I can consider him ‘a friend’: I barely know him…
I think I’m in love with him…or maybe I’d like to make love to him…either way I’m an annoying presence when I’m around him…There’s also
that other guy, who I saw first,who does’nt take a piece of my gum anymore…Quelle dommage…I really enjoyed that…Two princes and a bohemian…it’s shit-cold in Chicago and yes, I like it…I dread the scorching summer…I believe I’m a vampire…that would explain those two sharp teeth I have…So, I hate summer,
I tolerate winter and I actually
enjoy fall and spring…What a life I live…God knows I hate secrets and lies…but that’s all my life is made of…

Written: January 15, 2009
Qs, complaints, comments, suggestions…lemme know;)

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