The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

Valentine’s Day 2009

Oh, Love me deeply
I want this feeling
for the next two days…
kiss me sweetly
so I’ll know you’re mine
and only mine

I want you
to break off my limbs
and put them back to
where you see fit

I want
to be your doll
take me off of your shelf,
undress me, try out different poses and set me back up for
display when your’re finished

I want you
to know that
this body is yours
to love, to hate
to caress, to burn
to scar, to fuck…

I want you
to know that
this heart…it belongs to you
it’s your property now
to break, to nourish
to grow, to mold
to sell, to take for granted

Oh, Love me madly, please
I need to be needed
for the rest of my life
hug me tightly…
I want to feel your body’s warmth
even if your not here

Written February 8, 2009
This is one of many of my poems about a guy I was and still am very in love(lust,who knows?) with
Qs, complaints, suggestions and comments accepted but not required

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