The Grass is Black/The Air is Pink


feel me/read me/follow me

untitled I

The gods have stolen my poems
and used them for their holy,sacred works
The devils and demons took my ideas
and turned them into dirty deeds
The angels are broken and sleep
inside of my bruised heart…
everytime they move a wing, a tear
falls from my eye and onto your lips…

The mermaids use my fins to swim
in all of the world’s waters
The fairies tell me secrets from
my past lives
The pixies help me to believe that one
day ‘you’ and ‘I’ will be ‘us’ and ‘we’
The cherubs are very tired and sleep
in my palms, so everytime that they yawn
I breathe in the air that you exhale after you’ve gone to sleep

Written: November 19,2008
(I’m disappointed that I have no real title for this poem and it feels so unfinished and other times downright ‘stoopid’)
Q’s,complaints,comments and suggestions always accepted

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One Response

  1. ahsan says:

    beautifully crafted thoughts – wages of sin depend on what kind of deal we make with the devil, and did the devil make the world while god was sleeping?

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